I can’t imagine a better guided ski experience. Everything was beyond my expectations. Great guides, conditions, food and culture. Thanks so much for this never-to-be-forgotten experience!
— Jamie Howard, Utah USA, March 2019
Awesome experience going to such a remote part of the world and having everything so taken care of.
— Glen Yates, Utah USA, March 2019
Thank you so much for your super guiding and hospitality! I enjoyed each day from the morning fire to the cozy sleep. A trip of a lifetime.
— Andi Buechi, British Columbia Canada, March 2019
Words can’t describe such an epic experience! Thanks for all the epic pow, food and views! Hopefully more 40 Tribes trips to come.
— Isaac Eckel, California USA, February 2019
Thank you for an amazing week of sweet awakenings, smoothly paved skintracks and lots of pow. It’s been a great experience.
— Karin Gambe, Sweden/London UK, February 2019
It has been so cool to finally visit the 40 Tribes yurt camp after hearing about it 9 years ago when I was in Kashmir. Jules, Xav and Brandon were an epic guide team and Akim and Nurbek had camp ops running super smoothly. Couldn’t have asked for a better week! Thank you Ryan + 40 Tribes team. You guys rock!
— Amy Macdonald, New Zealand/New York USA, February 2019
Epic week in an incredible country. The terrain that is accessible from the yurts is second to none. Ryan has done an incredible job of capturing the Kyrgyz culture into one week in the mountains. Hope to make it back again in the future.
— Julian Bisset, Perth Australia, Splitfest February 2019
Thank you for making such a magical week possible! I’ll keep following you guys around and thank you for always taking such good care of your clients in every small detail.
— Julian Kurtenbach, Munich Germany, Splitfest February 2019
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The week was absolutely amazing! The riding was all time, fantastic guides and a great local culture throughout. Already planning my next 40 Tribes adventure.
— Henry Waldron, Australia/Nevada USA, Splitfest February 2019
Amazing time here - great touring, riding and company. Hard work by everyone at 40 Tribes has made it all a fairly luxurious experience. My son called while I was here and is anxious to come next year. I sure hope to make that happen!
— Patrick Moore, Washington USA, Splitfest February 2019
Snow, snow and more snow. Keep it coming up at Jalpak Tash. Amazing alpine lines and tantalizing trees. See you here in the near future.
— John Geisler, New York/Vermont USA, February 2019
Nine years later, I’m back up at Jalpak Tash and seeing/experiencing a vision that I’ve been hearing about for years. So fun to finally see this operation in action and explore these mountains with old and new friends. A lifetime memory here - thank you!
— Blake Whitman, Vermont USA, February 2019
The greatest week of skiing with the best crew! Thanks for the phenomenal memories!
— Liam Brown, Ontario Canada, January-February 2019
Thank you guys for an amazing week! Unreal views, skiing, food... Yurt life is sweet! Looking forward to more adventures.
— Kenzie MacDonald, Ontario Canada, January-February 2019
Incredible week of skiing kyrpow with these guys. Great food, friends and hospitality. I would come back in a heartbeat. No one knows these mountains better than Ryan and the guides. I would recommend to anyone.
— Harrison Jones, New York USA, January-February 2019
Epic trip and experience of a lifetime. Thanks to everyone who comes together every year to make these dreams come true.
— Dave Clark, California USA/Moscow Russia, March 2018
What a magical place you have set up. Thank you for all of the work to make our week great.
— Aaron Tansey, British Columbia Canada, March 2018
Ptor is everything you want in a ski guide.
— Peter Sorcher, California USA, March 2018
Kyrg Family: Thank you a million times over for the fantastic week, filled with an excess of snow, cognac, laughter and backcountry learning. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everything surpassed my greatest expectations. Here’s to our next adventure together.
— Dottie Bond, Colorado USA, February 2018
Dear 40 Tribes Jalpak Tash Yurt Family: Thank you for the most magical week ever. Too much goodness and love to express here. Grand all the way around - skiing, food, people. Love the love.
— Terry Stonich, Colorado USA, February 2018
What an amazing week! Thanks for an outstanding experience. The guiding was top-notch, the terrain excpetional, and the food delicious. I’ll never forget the Kyrgyz hospitality and my yurt family. Sorry we drank through the whole bar :D
— Avery Stonich, Colorado USA, February 2018
I may not be as well traveled as many of the people who come through, but I can’t think of a better place to start my travels. This place is incredible and I won’t soon forget the experience. Thanks for the awesome lines, the great food, and good company.
— Adam Hoffman, Utah USA, Splitfest February 2018
Wow. Just wow. I try to travel though life with low expectations, but they were high for this trip, and were far exceeded. This whole experience is amazing, from the local culture to the epic lines and the companionship, from the airport to the yurts. This is a trip I’ll never forget.
— Annie MacWilliams, Utah USA, Splitfest February 2018
40 Tribes blew my mind. We constantly searched for adventure on this trip and it exceeded anything I dreamed of. Thanks Ryan and Ty for all of the backcountry and splitboarding knowledge. I have come out with so much new knowledge and I feel like the trip has really set me up for splitting in the backcountry. Keep Givin It Guts!!!
— Stefan Segedin, Auckland New Zealand, Splitfest February 2018
Dear 40 Tribes + Splitfest crew: It sure was an amazing week. I seriously fucking love you all. Hope you do hugs because I’m bringing it in for the real thing when it’s time to say goodbye
— Tony Aadland, Utah USA, Splitfest February 2018
Many thanks for this awesome experience we had. It was insane! Probably one of my best weeks ever. I will never forget dropping in on Yurtzee!!! Fuck yeah! Such an awesome big line! Love,
— David Perez (Editor-In-Chief, Barcelona Spain, Splitfest February 2018
Squad: The definition of adventure!!! Thank you so much for the big lines, great food, and amazing company. I’m at a loss for words to describe how I feel about this experience. Blessed, mind expanding, modern day explorers, blower!!!
— Pete Snavely, Ohio/Colorado USA, Splitfest February 2018
Holy Schnitzel! The last week was filled with pow, climbing, feasting (thanks King Nurbek), Yahtzeeing, and just smashing some lines. The perfect combo! Thanks guys for shredding with us!
— Matyas Csiky, Ludwig Walburg, Georgij Oroschakoff, Moritz Graf Von Drechsel, Lucas Christenson, Scott Winn, Germany/Switzerland/USA, March 2017
Ptor, now I know why you keep coming back :) Love this place and its people. Thank you!!!
— Karin Spricenieks, La Grave France, February-March 2017
What an amazing time with you guys! Such a perfect setup in a totally incredible place, it is so much more than just powder skiing. This experience has been an incredible one in all its forms, not so much more to say!
— Kannika Chhit and Sebastien Labarbe, Paris France, February-March 2017
We couldn’t have wished for more. The whole week was epic, from the food to the yurts, the weather, the team, the lines, and the unbelievable powder. Very much also enjoyed the Yahtzee games as well as the bonfire. Always never not don’t stop never not shredding pow!
— Carsten Bild, Christian Wallin, Michael Riegel, Berlin Germany, February-March 2017
INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE! Best powder skiing of the year.
— Kurt Dienel, La Grave France, February 2017
Best week of ski touring ever. Thank you so much, 40 Tribes, from the POGO Team. Such a cool setup. Yeehaw!
— Martin Sammet (Owner POGO Boards), Loewenstein Germany, February 2017
Awesome week, top conditions, great group. Trip I will remember for a long time. You have a great little secret here...keep it!
— Pieter De Weerdt, Trélex Switzerland, February 2017
So rad to see this operation in full swing. What an amazing experience, from pow slashing to Nurb’s cooking to the cultural learning. Loved it end to end.
— Tyler Clark, Colorado USA, February 2017
Thank you so much for a ripper week #alwaysnevernotshreddingpow. We’re happy to have helped name 3 runs: ‘Dog on Dog,’ ‘Spreadable Cheese,’ and ‘Mustache Ride.’ We’re also going down as the most spreadable group, crushing 3 tubs of cheese alone. And the most burnable poo tickets. We can’t wait to return. Vodka shots all around!
— Julie Mages and Kayla Janelle, Alaska USA, February 2017
Big thanks to the whole 40 Tribes team for making Splitfest 2017 unbeatable. Way beyond anything I could have imagined. The whole experience was incredible. Things will never be the same again!
— Matthew Whettingsteel, Dorset UK, February 2017
Thanks for the awesome trip. This is one of the sickest zones on the planet that you’ve found and shared with us. YEEEWWW! Thanks for the epic lines and powder, and keeping us safe and enjoying the good vibrations.
— John Platts-Mills, London UK, February 2017
This was easily the best snowboarding trip I’ve been on thanks to a combination of the location, the solitude, the crew and the setup. 40 Tribes has got something very special going on and in such a unique part of the world. I’m thankful to have had the chance to experience it.
— Clare Cartwright, Queensland Australia, March 2016
Incredible, incredible, incredible. The only three words that can describe this place, the snow and the guides.
— Clark Jensen, Utah USA, March 2016
This trip was much more for me than the skiing alone. It’s hard for me to explain but I will forever be different and I mean that in a good way. I’m 59 years old and I still learned some things about myself. Amazing country!
— Paul Begbie, California USA, March 2016
The best way to provide my overall impression is to tell you that I was choked up when saying my goodbyes and prior to shredding down into valley. Truth be told, I have never had a more spiritual experience then what you and 40 Tribes were able to provide. 40 Tribes reignited my love for snowboarding. Thank you.
— Dan Munro, Oman/British Columbia Canada, Splitfest February 2016
Guiding was the best I’ve ever had. Perfect mix of feeling totally safe and you guys taking the situation seriously, but also super fun.
— Nathalie Sullivan, Essex UK, Splitfest 2016
What can I say...F’ing Awesome Time! You guys put together an amazing trip with the perfect blend of culture and shredding. Thanks for the good vibes and laughs. Happy shredding!
Thank you for an epic journey. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing introduction to Kyrgyzstan. Your professionalism in the mountains and the atmosphere and friendship is something I won’t forget. I hope that this is the start of many new adventures with 40 Tribes.
Just amazing. Makes me proud to work in tourism when I see that kind of setup.
— Baz Robley, Zurich Switzerland, March 2015
Maybe the best ski trip I have ever had.
— Luke Franzke, Zurich Switzerland, March 2015
Guys I had an incredible time here. Great vibes, meals, and overall, people! Keep doing the good job.
— Pierre Augier, Haute-Savoie France, February-March 2015
Thanks for the awesome camp, good food, and GREAT skiing. Good stuff.
— Laurent Gauthier, Chamonix France/Whistler BC Canada, February-March 2015
You guys rock. Snowboarding and pow shots are good, but what makes a place amazing are the people you meet and memories you make. Ryan, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for showing me a place so simple yet so magical. My heart will hold a space for these mountains and people!
— Jenny Yurechko, Aspen Colorado USA, Splitfest February 2015
Thanks for two amazing weeks at Jalpak Tash! Super stoked I got to do all of the lines we did (that I could only look at last year). I had to come back! This spot and zone is one of my favorite places in the world!
— Simen Opsal, Germany/Norway, Splitfest February 2015
The 40 Tribes splitfest was the perfect adventure for me. A remote, exotic destination, stunning scenery, great crew, fascinating culture and many new friends. All perfectly packaged by Ryan and the others at 40 Tribes.
— Krister Pihlgren, Stockholm Sweden, Splitfest February 2015
Hey hey from the Green Mountains of Vermont. You all have created something exceptionally special here. The terrain, the guiding style, the pace, the food, music, Yahtzee!, and overall commitment to a safe, fun time. Being here this week has been a great privilege. Thank you!
— Benjy Adler, Burlington Vermont USA, February 2015
BIG THANK YOU! For….. everything! Atmosphere, food (oh yes! we eat like kings), wonderful mountains, safe and amazing guiding. Remember! YOU MUST SKI! YOU MUST DRINK!
— Aleksandra and Piotr Banasik, Sosnowiec Poland, February 2015
An awesome adventure in a remote and beautiful part of the world. Waist deep powder, face shots, food to lick your plate for, and a fantastic team of people who love to shred. Epic trip!
— Andy Wood, Lanchester UK/Whistler BC Canada, February 2015
Felt at home, chilled out vibe, comfortable, amazing food, fantastic setup. Not only had a great time but learned a ton from you guys, both as a skier and a person. Thanks!
— Thomas Longo, Australia/Stavanger Norway, February 2015
Amazing! Most importantly you were all a good bunch of guys to share some laughs and spend a week with. I think my friends are getting sick of me talking about Kyrgyzstan.
— Eugene Bilinski, Australia/Stavanger Norway, February 2015
Kyrgyzstan was a definite highlight for 2015. Great country, fantastic people, excellent food and some huge potential for phenomenal skiing.
— Timothy Moore, Australia/Sandnes Norway, February 2015
We had an amazing time skiing the amazing Kyrgyz mountains with you guys. We could not have wished for a better skiing trip. Waking up with the crackling fire…enjoying coffee in our sleeping bags…walking through the trees…bootpacking to the tops and shredding down…having beers and one of Nurbek’s great local dishes. We loved it.
— The Dutchies: Bas Jurgens, Laurens Van Zoonen, Wilfred Barenberg, Elisabeth Wierenga, Netherlands, February 2015
The total experience was just phenomenal, from both a cultural and skiing/skinning side. Great how you set up the trip with this focus on the culture and authentic approach.
— Bas Jurgens, The Hague Netherlands, February 2015
Beautiful mountains and only for us. Really an experience.
— Elisabeth Wierenga, The Hague Netherlands, February 2015
Ryan runs a tight ship in the middle of the wilderness. Not even 1 airplane flew overhead in our week here. Just the stars and the snow, great food, good folk, and top guiding with Ptor. An out of the box experience.
— Konrad Bartelski, London UK, March 2014
Ptor, Ryan, Wayne, Kas and Nurbek provide everything you could possibly need for an amazing (the most amazing) ski touring experience. Thanks for an incredible time.
— Liam McDonnell, Dublin Ireland, March 2014
Thanks for an absolutely awesome and unique week up in the Kyrgyz Mountains. Sau Geil! We are totally stoked in general and particularly for naming two first descents. Fantastic place, great mountains, silence, pure nature, and great skiing! Thanks again you guys, you’re a great team!
— The Bavarian Shredders: Oliver Alefeld, Alois Reid, Guido Prummer, Petra Rimbeck, Helmut Schönwetter, Marcus Hagn, Bavaria Germany, February 2014
Such an amazing, wild and remote place. Exploring it on skis made it one of my top mountain experiences ever. Your concept is the perfect combination for psyched backcountry skiers who love vast landscapes, wild mountain scenery, silence, intact nature, basic life and fantastic skiing!
— Petra Rimbeck, Bavaria Germany, February 2014
Dear 40 Tribes team, What an adventure! Great to spend it with you guys! We are converts now: the fatter the better!! Cheers to downbooties, straightlines, excellent food, bottomless snow, and breathtaking views!
— The Kings Of Yahtzee: Ben Salm-Reifferscheidt, Caspar Schwinner, Christina Leb, Simon Schropp, Max Leitner, Thomas Metlewicz, Vienna Austria, February 2014
The guiding was an absolute highlight. The guides put a lot of thought into varying the tours, scenery, level of difficulty, etc. Well done!
— Ben Salm-Reifferscheidt, Vienna Austria, February 2014
Fantastic cooks! Not easy to get the logistics of mountain cooking so well done!
— Christina Leb, Vienna Austria/Washington DC USA, February 2014
I’m honestly still hyped every time I think back to the trip 2 months on. Comfortable yurts, great hosts, every detail was thought through. Such an incredible place. Haven’t had many guides in the past but can’t imagine feeling more at ease with one than Ptor.
— Jeremy Fitter, London UK, February 2014
A fabulous week – a real privilege to ski with you guys and get to know these mountains. Food very good, yurts comfortable and warm.
— Chris Kinder, London UK, February 2014
My experience was so damn good! I have mentioned 40 Tribes to everyone that will listen. Even those that won’t. I’d love to ride with Greg again. To pick his brain a bit. He was a great guide: humble, thoughtful, and professional.
— Damian Olivato, Alaska USA, Splitfest February 2014
Thanks 40 Tribes. You’re a bunch of awesome dudes, I love what you’re doing here. I had an awesome adventure and will miss it dearly.
— Oliver Riall, Hampshire UK, Splitfest February 2014
Never had an arranged driver before so I felt like royalty man! Hop off the plane, grab yer bags, wink at the husky Kyrgyz customs lady in the fur lined hood, high five yer 40 Tribes driver, and yer off to slay some Tien Shan pow!
— Chris Stevens, Colorado USA, Splitfest February 2014
It was really the trip of a lifetime. I’ve traveled with guides in the mountains on a number of trips (both climbing and boarding) and I really felt that Greg was a cut above. He gave me great confidence in his technical ability, and I found him to be endlessly patient and polite. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and would happily ride with him again.
— Pete Robson, London UK, January 2014
Definitely one of the coolest trips I’ve been on.
— Nick Van Ness, New York USA, January 2014
We were there during a week of very challenging and rapidly changing conditions. So what blew my mind is that every day the guides were able to come up with amazing new places for us to ski. It’s a testament to the variety of terrain accessible, and also to the quality of the guiding.
— Bill Middleton, Almaty Kazakhstan, March 2013
Thanks guys for a rad week, great lines, great tours, OK jokes. See you all again.
— Tom Collier, London UK, March 2013
Ptor is a machine. Well selected lines up and down.
— Sebastian Althen, Munich Germany, March 2013
The best skiing experience of my life. Period.
— Fabio Storni, Bern Switzerland, February 2013
The terrain around the yurt is awesome. Great variety and lots of options. Terrain is no limiter here!
— John Yarington, Montana USA, February 2013
We sampled a lot of the terrain around the yurt. It was so rad how we rode something almost every day that no one had skied before. Amazing how close to the yurt those lines ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Asteroid’ are!
— Bret Shandro, British Columbia Canada, February 2013
Really enjoyed my time, big respect for what you have put together and long may it last. I had a great week, some great turns, learned a lot, and will now carry 5 dice in my touring pack!
— Rory Gallagher, Somerset UK, February 2013
Felt honored to be guided and entertained by the likes of Ptor and thoroughly enjoyed both his and Greg’s company, advice, and conversation, both on and off the mountain.
— John Carolin, Johannesburg South Africa, February 2013
Great 6 days of fine weather. Snow was wind affected in the alpine but enough to keep us all busy…and then there were the trees! By night we excelled at Yahtzee and moderate imbibing of local beverages. Thanks Ryan, Ptor, Kas and Azamat for the guiding, cooking, and being genuinely nice blokes. A wonderful stay!
— John Nankervis, Peter Platts, Jeremy Shearer, John Wild, Dave Bamford, Paul Lynch, New Zealand, February 2013
Excellent. A memorable experience and part of one of the best ski trips I have ever had.
— John Wild, Wellington New Zealand, February 2013
Thanks guys for these epic days that seemed way too short, and for the many chilled-out nights in the yurt with such awesome dinners! We had a blast.
— Katharina Hellwig, Lausanne Switzerland, March 2012
After a couple of days in Bishkek and Karakol we made our way up the mountains to the yurt. The weather was perfect and the views stunning – it was more than we expected! Greg the avalanche instructor has turned our world upside down when it comes to avalanche awareness. We have definitely learned a lot this week and it’s something we will bring back home to use when we play around in the mountains. This trip would not have taken place were it not for Ryan and his epic setup! We will most definitely come back. Best regards from Team Norway!
— Audun Lutnæs, Alvdal Norway, February 2012
We could not have asked for a better 4 days to learn about avalanches, take in the stunning scenery, and enjoy some sweet yurt livin’. Great instruction, great company, amazing food…and some nice turns to wrap it all up! You’ve really put something special together here, Ryan. Thanks for sharing.
— Mike Igoe and Carolyn Hricko, Montana USA, February 2012
Fully stoked! We have all been amazed by this whole thing. We don’t have terrain like this back in NZ so couldn’t get enough of the views and the aura amongst these hills. This is the first real, legit deep pow we have come across on our journey so we were just freaking out the whole time! Awesome hosts! Ryan, much respect! You are on to a good thing here. Thanks so much for all of your help in making this happen for us.
— Charlie North, Auckland New Zealand, January 2012
The Swedes without much expectations showed up in this beautiful country and what a success so far! Despite some inexperience of ski touring we have had some great ascents, a few PERFECT runs, avalanche awareness and snowy clouds for four days. We hope we’ve brought lots of snow to be settled for stellar February conditions.

When it comes to the organization and accommodation in the yurt we just want to say thank you – a perfect blend of comfort and coziness, great service, and super great people.
— Johan Danestig, Stockholm Sweden, January 2012
We were making as amazing dreams in the day than in the night! I’ll never forget a so awesome experience. In the yurt with really good meal and powerful fire. In the mountain with incredible snow. Ryan…thank you for the weather :)
— Vincent Metz, La Franqui France, January 2012
Ryan, you had a very great idea coming here and doing this! Congratulation! Now I will always drink my vodka thinking about Kyrgyzstan, Kasidin – the fire master, Anarbek – the real chef, and all of the great and amazing virgin powder line we ski this week…PERFECT!
— Nicolas Guyot, Les Avanchers France/DR Congo, January 2012
DA YURT is so awesome, mountains so nice, powerful, amazing! We just spend an awesome trip like will never hope to have it. It was just perfect for the ski, for the vibes, just a mega THANKS!!
— Manu Kerinec, Montpellier France, January 2012
Thanks for putting in all the effort and making 40 Tribes possible. The days I spent here were everything I expected and more. The tours were stunning, on the up as well as the down, and I felt like you were letting us in on a personal secret. It felt really special.
— Mickey Wakefield, Munich Germany, January 2011
My memories: The stunning scenery whilst skinning up, the views across the plains, the moonlight and campfires, great mountain food, the local people’s hospitality, the white horse on the skin to the yurt. Thank you for setting this up, Ryan, it has been incredible.
— Nick Bowles, London UK, January 2011
A wonderful experience: the location, living in a yurt, the skiing, and the people and their culture; all have given us an opportunity to learn and grow. So far from our everyday lives – fantastic, thank you.
— Russell Price, Nottingham UK, January 2011
I’m seriously impressed. It’s a long, long way from Colorado and it takes a hell of a mixture of courage and intelligence to set up an operation like this, all before the age of 30. I wish you the very best of luck, and leave wondering what you will have achieved and what you will be doing by 40!
— Adam Carter, London UK, January 2011
At 2,600m and -15C you have managed to create a boutique backcountry yurt of exception. What an experience, I have loved every moment of it. Thanks and hope to see you all again.
— Dorrien Ricardo, Morzine France, January 2011
Had we bigger, fatter skis we might have kept our reputation as reasonable skiers. All that fades into insignificance to this whole fantastic amazing experience: 10 guys in a yurt for a week, comfortable & well-fed, bonfires and Yahtzee all night. Thoroughly enjoyed it all. Thanks.
— Roger Hobill, Melton Mowbray UK, January 2011
Vodka shots at Nurbek’s, lake views, the bright mountains out the door, stars galore, fireworks, gorgeous tours, and a super sweet cozy yurt. An incredible start to 2011, couldn’t have asked for better.
— Laurie Ashley & Chad Dear, Montana USA/Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, January 2011
So many amazing memories to take away – the stunning scenery, the starry nights, the awesome terrain…but most of all the warmth and the welcome of the yurt.
— Will Eaton, Courchevel France, January 2011
Your project is a great one…I hope many people discover this country, this specific place, and this way of living.
— Erica Bonnet-Laverge, Courchevel France, January 2011
This is a special place above Ichke Jergez, the result of months of hard work and years of experience with the local culture. A ski yurt, about as far off the grid as you can get, that’s as good for us as for the Kyrgyz villagers who allowed it to be here.
— Brandon Schaeffer, California USA, January 2011